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an apparel line.

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Our Story

"We realized we were busy without a purpose."

We now believe being busy is one of the most self-destructive attributes a person can embody. In 2023, our family realized that being busy can rob you of the opportunity to live a life of meaning, connection, and value. Together we agreed that we wanted to make a mindset shift—so our family came up with a call out phrase whenever we felt we were shifting back into the realm of busyness. That phrase was UNHooK Time.

In 2023, UNHooK Sun Apparel started by simply wanting to encourage others to join the movement.

We didn't know where to start, so we decided to focus on what we love to do best: being outdoors. This is where UNHooK Sun Apparel was born.

Together we can create a movement that reminds us, our family, and friends to live a life of meaning, connection, and value by consistently prioritizing time to UNHooK from our day-to-day lives.